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cuesinich taking her place. the big shake up and cnn. and there is a new, new republic. so the man of the hour is "politico"'s media critic media reporter dylan byars, good morning. >> hello, bill. >> bill: thanks for coming in this morning. >> my pleasure. >> bill: can we believe mike allen? >> he said today in play book that it was my birthday and he was right. so i trust him. >> bill: that's what i wanted to ask you. we have a surprise for you this morning. will you open the closet door this morning. our closet gift. ♪ this is your birthday song it doesn't last too long ♪ >> bill: john boehner. [ applause ] >> my colleagues the second verse is exactly like the first verse. >> don't sing it. ♪ this your birthday song it doesn't last too long hey ♪ >> bill: how about that. >> that's the best birthday gift. >> bill: when you get john boehner to sing happy birthday to you. >> that's right. >> bill: sarah palin what happened? did she jump or was she pushed. >> i think based off of people i have talked to i think she was pushed. i think she was offered a lot l
over at cnn. several contributors no longer with the network including james carville and mary madeline who say the decision was the network's, not theirs red steak blogger, eric erickson has a new job at fox news. no surprise there. the morning program is getting revamped, cnn's new president, geoff zucker hired chris queue mo to be part of it. soledad's role is unclear as they move forward. >> geoff zucker has to shake it up. a clear sign i think. a hewn talent. no where to go but up. more power to them. >> there are no little fixes. >> no. if he had come in and said we have a great product. we are going to stick with it the way it is. i wonder if after what we saw with ann curry on nbc if we will see him bring her to cnn as well. >> interesting. as the baltimore ravens and 49ers get set to faceoff in the super bowl, the senators from maryland have offered a wager. a meal of crab cakes, maryland beer. >> no. >> they are waiting to hear from barbara boxer and dianne feinstein from california as to what they will offer. the hill reports that
to cnn. i am not kidding you. because the fact is at cnn, he would be a youthful player. at fox cnn to their credit they would pair him with somebody who would disagree with him. at fox, he is just blah, blah, blah. i think they wanted to make sure he didn't go somewhere else? >> roger ailes. >> the president took his wife out to dinner for her 49th birthday last night. he and michelle obama joined by a group of friends at cathfe milano. it's a tradition for the couple to go out. last year they dined at blt stakes. this is a little bit of a further drive. >> i could have recommended 10 restaurants they go to. cafe milano would not have been on the list. >> they have pretty good taste. they pick good spots. >> delicious spots of the. the first was blue duck tavern. >> that's one of my favorites. >> washingtonian magazine has presidential sites and says this is a relatively young couple in washington d.c. they go out. >> they do. a bugger place right down the street called "good stuff" which is great where they have been and a little bit breakfast plac
that cnn host piers morgan be deported because of his outspoken views on gun control. 100,000 people signed the we the people petition going after the cnn personality for attacking the second amendment. jay carney spoke out for the white house in a statement yesterday say when talking about the second amendment, do not forget about the first. that would be piers morgan's freedom of speech. they will not deport him because under the constitution, he has every right to express his opinion. >> peter: i have officially turned the corner on the white house petitions. there's no white house -- there's now a white house petition for everything. it has officially jumped the shark. when you can put up a petition on literally anything and -- >> a big change is coming to monopoly. hasbro announcing it is retiring one of the current eight playing pieces and they want introduce a new one with the popular board game. it is letting the public make the decision. people can vote on the facebook page as to which piece will not pass go anymore. could it the car the boot, thimble, dog battleship or the hat or
. ryan seacrest carson daly and anderson cooper and kathy lee griffin. cnn received a negligible number of watchers. >> bill: it's sad to say that you had nothing better to do on new year's eve than sit home and watch television. >> i don't go out on new year's eve because it is amateur hour. if i do anything, i go to a party at a friend's house or have people over. i didn't do anything. i flipped through some channels. new year's eve party coverage the worst. every one of them was terrible. >> yeah it's not great television, but you know what -- >> bill: my recommendation is go to bed. >> i actually watched fiscal cliff coverage. it was better than ryan seacrest. i was asleep by midnight. >> bill: happy new year. [ laughter ] >> a new list of words from 2012 that should be banned. the annual choices of words and phrases that we should never say again. it includes kick the can down the road. spoiler alert. bucket list, trending guru, yolo, which stands for you only live once and of course fiscal cliff. >> i'm okay -- >> bill: with all of those. i am too. >> and fox news
gun violence task force. cnn is reporting that the nra is prepping a hard-hitting ad campaign mounting opposition to possible new restrictions. nra president david keen says the group is mobilizing for a fight and will engage its members. now the white house's plan is to outorganize the nra. president obama is rallying groups of churches, medical organizations and retailers all to build support for new gun regulations. >>> the joe biden-led task force is set to deliver its recommendations this coming tuesday. now the most talked about plans include closing the gun show loophole banning assault weapons and outlawing high-capacity magazine clips. those would all require congressional approval though and politico is claiming this morning that leaves obama with little power over gun control. if congress does not say yes to new laws, the president is left with enacting policy changes at the atf and the justice department. but that might not be his only option. yesterday, biden hinted that if congress does refuse to pass legislation, president obama could take executive action. aurora shoote
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6